Staying Safe When Going To Tanning Booths

tanningbedGoing to the tanning booth can be a safer option over sun tanning. However, tanning booths usually just need to be approached the right way since there are some precautions that you do need to follow. It is a very safe option for tanning, but making sure to always keep these things in mind will go a long way on having a safer experience.

– Stay Within Regulations And Follow The Rules

Always ask your tanning booth store manager for the rules and regulations. Ask about the different ways to stay safe. They know best the things you need to do in order to stay safe and away from accidentally getting hurt. You also want to stay within the regulations of using the tanning booth. In other words, try going for just a few minutes when you’re just getting started. The manager of the tanning booth may recommend only staying in for about out five minutes if you’re just beginning. It all depends on you and what your experience is with booths.

– Tanning Lotions

An employee or manager at the location should be able to make good recommendations on quality tanning lotions that will benefit your hair in the long run. It is always worth it to get a good lotion to help enhance your skin. You get a better tan when you use the right lotion, and it’s vital to remember that not using enough can burn your skin, so using an ample amount on every inch of the exposed skin is important to protect.

– 24 Hour Wait Time

Always wait about 24 hours or at least three days before you get back into the booths. It can hurt your skin too much if you’re in there for way too long for too often. Keep it to a minimum for as much as possible to avoid potentially burning or overexposing your skin. Waiting for awhile in between every session is vital for letting your skin rest since your body is usually still tanning after the session.

– Use Goggles

Keep those goggles on. You don’t want to expose your eyes. The skin around your eyes and even the eyes themselves can be at risk if not protected by the goggles. Don’t forget to keep those eyes closed inside the goggles since the eyes are still a bit exposed to the UV rays.

Going to the local tanning booth can be a safe way to get a tan, but there are still risks involved, so follow the tips above to increase your safety. The Nixa, MO Tanning Beds are very worth going to since they have a safe tanning booth with trusted employees who can help make your tanning sessions safe.

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