How to Decide on a Haircut

haircutIf you are tired of the way your hair looks and want to do something about it, examining what hair type you have is the first step to achieving a look that will not only fit your type of head, but also improve your overall look. You may have thought about copying one of your friends because you liked their haircut, or you might have seen someone with a fresh cut and thought to yourself I would like to look like this, but reality of the matter is depending on how your face is shaped is what ultimately should decide on what hair to aim for when getting hair cuts in Salt Lake city by Landis LIfestyle Salon. In order to decide on the perfect haircut, following a few steps can take you a long way.

Let Your Face Size Guide You

In order to really know how your face is shaped, you must wash your hair and comb it all the way back reveling your entire face’s structure for better judgement. There are 7 different face types and you are most likely one of them.

Round- Having a wide forehead along with a wide chin means that your face is round shaped. The cheek bones can look a bit extended. Choosing to grow your hair and keep it at shoulder length looks best on you.

Square- Having a square face means that your forehead is just bigger than usual, and your cheekbones are wider than normal, but your chin is a bit short. Combing your hair backwards can make it look professional and stylish while keeping it a little long. Short haircuts for square faced people make them look like young boys, and it surely doesn’t compliment their face.

Oval- Like round faces, oval face shapes include people with wide foreheads and long chins, the cheek bones are stretched out a bit. This face type is one of the few shapes that can really work with any kind of haircut. Short hair looks good if spiked and pointed a bit forward towards the forehead. Long hair looks good if split from the middle or split from one side but leaning to a right or left direction.

Heart Shaped- Long pointy chins make heart shaped face shapes, and finding a hairstyle for this head shape is harder than the rest. Grow your hair longer than normal to remove the attention from your chin to your upper face and hair.

Triangular- Having a triangular shaped face is anyone with a small forehead and a long looking face. Keeping your hair as thick and fluffy as possible while maintaining a short styled haircut will look perfect on you every time.

Diamond- Having big cheekbones while having a small chin and forehead makes a diamond head. Grow your hair long to balance out how your appearance looks.

Long- An overall big head. Keep your hair short while a bit messy and curly. Long hair never compliments this head type unless it was curly and long.

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