How To Choose A Good Skin Whitening Cream

skin-whiteningWhen choosing a skin whitening product, it is extremely important that you pay attention to what the active ingredients of the product. There are products out there that utilize very dangerous and potentially harmful chemicals to achieve the whitening that they are intended for. These ingredients include mercury, hydroquinone, and often times various steroidal drugs. Their are brands of skin whiteners that utilize all natural, high quality ingredients that are safe to use and are entirely toxic. St Dalfour Beauty is one such company, all of their products utilize only all natural and safe ingredients that you can feel good about rubbing onto your skin.

St Dalfour Beauty skin whitening products comes in several different varieties. This includes both the original “Gold Seal” strength and the extreme strength creams, two different specialty soaps, a lightening lotion, and a bleaching cream. The original strength whitening cream utilizes barberry extract and various organic moisturizers. Like the original strength whitening cream, the extreme whitening cream utilizes mostly organic ingredients that are safe and effective. The St Dalfour Whitening Soap utilizes a unique and effective keratolytic agent that will exfoliate and dry out blemishes fast. In addition, this soap contains a whitening ingredient. The Papaya Whitening Soap is also an effective soap for skin whitening and utilizes all natural papaya and vitamin E. The whitening skin lotion and the bleaching cream are, like the other fabulous products listed here, safe and also very effective.

Remember, skin whitening products work by reducing the pigment melanin in skin. This can be desirable to resolve age spots and certain other local discolorations as well as to lighten one’s entire complexion. Your overall goal will determine what skin whitening product is right for you. A bleaching cream such as the one described above is a great way to deal with specific and local skin blemishes such as liver and age spots as well as freckles. A skin whitening cream or lotion such as those described above can be used for age spots and freckles in the same way as a bleaching cream, but such products are far better for overall lightening of ones complexion. The two whitening soaps described above are great for everyday use for the management of blemished and also to ensure a light, rosy complexion.

The correct usage of a skin whitening cream or other product is a sure way to help oneself to beautiful complexion. Making sure to choose a safe product is also important for the reasons given as a great complexion can only come about from healthy skin that is treated well and with respect. Harsh ingredients might work in the short term but will not lead to the youthful skin that you desire. This is why St Dalfour whitening products are such good choices.

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